Residential / Commercial Services

Our company provides prompt and effective waste collection and disposal services to residential apartments, hotels, restaurants, banks, lock-up shops and offices in Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Industrial Services

We provide waste collection and waste disposal services to industries, construction and demolition sites, shopping malls and markets in Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

We make use of specialized modern waste collection equipment such as Roll-On-Roll-Off and Skip-Bin for collection and disposal of construction/demolition wastes as well as other specialized waste.

Waste Transfer and Landfill Facility Management

Waste-Point Limited specializes in day to day operations and management of Waste Transfer Loading Station (TLS) and Landfill, disposal facility, the basis of a successful solid waste management system which accepts waste that cannot be recycled or processed in other disposal manner. Our company’s best operating standards and efficiency in this area have been demonstrated through the introduction of a new Waste Transfer Station bulk haulage technology known as Waste Ejector Trailers with capacity to haul about 30 metric tonnes of waste from the transfer station, and eject the waste at a speed of approximately 3 minutes.

We have combined effectively, human resources and modern technology to manage the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) owned waste transfer station with capacity to process an average of 1000 metric tonnes of city waste per day. This has positioned us as the foremost and leading waste management company in Nigeria today.


Waste-Point is currently investigating and investing in resource recovery initiatives to recover recyclable materials such as Plastic, Paper & Card boards, Steel, Aluminum, Drink Cans and Food wastes from LAWMA Waste Transfer Station facility.

The long term focus of our recycling initiatives is aimed at leading the global way in the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Sale, Hiring & Leasing Of Modern Waste Management Trucks

Waste-Point also specializes in importation and supply of waste management equipment and trucks to Nigeria. We have supplied waste collection and disposal trucks such as compactors, roll-on-roll-off and skip bin trucks, waste transfer station, ejector bulk haulage trailers, waste bins and containers as well as waste recycling equipment.

Waste-Point has imported various trucks and supplied to waste management agencies at State and Federal levels and private waste management operators across Nigeria.